There's another Nexus 6P sale at retailers like B&H and Newegg, and as usual, Google is catching up with a sale on the Google Store. The 6P is $100 off, but there are some other goodies too. You can get deals on Chromecasts, the Huawei Watch, and more.

Here are all the sales on the Google Store we've spotted. Note the varying end dates for these.

The Nexus 6P deal is probably the best one here. $100 is the same discount you get elsewhere, but there's the added benefit of being able to buy Nexus Protect. You can't get that from a third-party retailer. The Chromebook deals are okay—the R11 is probably more attractive because of Android apps. The Chromecasts are basically always on sale, but you can't get them on Amazon, so there's that. The Huawei Watch was cheaper during Prime Day, but hey, a sale is a sale.