Motorola's latest cell phone efforts have been less than stellar, but their watches remain some of the best Android Wear devices around... if you can get over the flat tire look. Today DailySteals is offering the second-generation Moto 360 for as little as $149.99, an impressive half off the list price for the cheapest model. There are a couple of caveats, however: one, they're refurbished. Two, you can have any color you want, so long as you want black.

The sizes are little more flexible. DailySteals is offering the smaller 42mm watch with a black anodized metal case and a black leather strap for $149.99. The larger 46mm version (the same size as the original Moto 360, if you're wondering) comes with a black metal band for $164.99 - that's $285 off of the retail price for the same combo. Both of those are likely to wear pretty large for anyone with small wrists; Moto offers a "women's" 42mm with a narrower strap, but it's not on sale here.

This is still a pretty great deal for anyone looking to get in on Android Wear with a good-looking but still affordable device. There are plenty of cheaper G Watches on the market at the moment, but they aren't quite as aesthetically appealing. It's worth noting that Motorola and a few other Android Wear manufacturers are due for updated models soon, and Google is probably getting in on the action itself at some point.

The deal lasts for another four days on DailySteals (until Wednesday), and shipping is not free. Note that these watches are "manufacturer refurbished," so they should come with the standard 90-day warranty for refurb goods.