Pokémon GO has made several Pokéstops since its launch. First available in Australia and New Zealand, the game powered up and spread to the US, UK, Germany, followed by several European countries. Notice something missing there? Yes, the gym where it all started: Japan. That's no more.

Despite battling server issues, throwing as much candy and potions at them as it could to heal them, Niantic Labs is still facing frequent fainting server situations around the clock. That's partly due to the skyrocketing prestige of the game, but also to the millions of trainers around the world who are using APK incense, unofficially, to gain combat power and hit the servers at their weakest points.

But server issues be damned! Japan saw a wild Pokémon, threw some Razz Berry at it, and became an official Pokéstop. And now that the original Pokémon trainers have been let loose in the game, all you can do is pray for some stardust to keep it alive. Otherwise, we're all just hatched eggs sitting idly in an incubator and waiting for Niantic to come and free us so we can go play in the wild.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
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Image credit: remymar, Panoramio