Periscope is Twitter's popular live streaming platform, and today it's getting a few new features. Everyone will be able to enjoy automated highlight reels and easier embedded broadcasts, but Android users in particular will also get autoplay functionality in the Periscope app.

One of the more prominent additions is support for playback inside embedded tweets. You'll probably see a lot of these around the web. Periscope did a Periscope of the new features in Periscope, and here it is as an embedded Periscope. PeriscopePeriscopePeriscope.

After a live broadcast has ended, Periscope will now generate a Highlight. It's basically a short trailer people can watch before committing to the full video. This will be live on Android and iOS in a few days. In the Android app, live broadcasts will now autoplay in the Watch Tab and Global Feed. Sound will be disabled by default, but you can open the video to play it normally.