The Rio 2016 Olympic Games may not have everyone's backing, with the Zika virus and claims about unclean water causing concern, but T-Mobile seems to be firmly in the 'support' camp, announcing that it's going to give users free, unlimited, "high-speed" internet for the duration of the Games.

Not only that, but calling to and from Brazil is also free, as is texting worldwide. T-Mobile estimates 100,000 Americans alone will be in Rio to watch the world's biggest sporting event, so this will be a big boon to customers of the carrier. Of course, AT&T is sponsoring the entire event, so T-Mobile has had to up its game in a serious way - and I think it's safe to say it has. For families of US athletes, they will get free T-Mobile service, plus a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Samsung Gear 360 until October.

It remains to be seen how Verizon and Sprint are going to respond to this - it would be fantastic to see all four major carriers do something big for the Games. If we hear any more, we'll keep you updated.