The Active variants of Samsung's Galaxy phones on AT&T are sold as a more rugged option than the standard version. However, Consumer Reports found that the Galaxy S7 Active didn't even stand up to water as well as advertised (or as well as the regular GS7). Samsung was at first unconcerned, but now says it has identified the problem in its manufacturing process and corrected it.

New Galaxy S7 Active devices rolling off the line should now be water resistant to the degree specified by the IP68 standard—that means up to 30 minutes of submersion at five feet. It did not detail the exact nature of the problem. However, Samsung PR notes that it believes only a small number of previously produced phones are actually defective.

As far as Samsung is aware, AT&T is not removing the current stock of devices from shelves. Since the device has a one-year warranty, anyone with a water damaged device can have it replaced. Although, what happens after that? Consumer Reports asked Samsung to consider a lifetime warranty for the device.