Hey guys, apparently there is a new movie called 'Ghost Team' starring Jon Heder (AKA Napoleon Dynamite), David Krumholtz, Justin Long and some other people. It's about some losers with dead-end jobs that fill their free time by searching for evidence that ghosts exist. The opportunity presents itself to our lowly heroes to hunt ghosts at an abandoned farm, and so they do. Predictably, the ghosts then turn the tables and hunt them. During the course of all this, laughter inducing events occur (maybe).

Is it any good? I don't know, I haven't watched it. I'll tell you what I do know, it's available exclusively on Google Play and it's free. To a pessimist, those two facts may suggest that this is probably not the best movie ever made. Move aside pessimists, make room for the optimists with extremely low standards for entertainment! Here's a movie you can have FOR FREE! If you hate it, so what? It's flippin free!

Go ahead. Download it, watch it, and then complain about it in the comments below. Live in a country where the movie isn't available? Lucky you! You can save 85 minutes of your life and skip straight to the complaining part. See, everyone is happy!

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