Kairosoft, makers of Game Dev Story (who'd have thought a game about making games would be so addicting?!) have released their newest title in the long running simulation series: Legends of Heropolis, in which the player takes on the character of a hero to rebuild a desecrated town.

Like some of the recent Kairosoft games (although unlike Game Dev Story), Legends is ad-supported, meaning it is a free download from the Play Store. However, the gameplay is mostly similar to other titles from the company, feeling a bit like Pokémon games of old with a splash of modern RPG added in. The graphics are pixel-bit, as we've come to expect from Kairosoft now with the multitude of other games available, although in my mind this is no bad thing.

Having had a go on Legends, the game definitely feels more involved and in-depth than something like Game Dev Story, or my personal favorite, Grand Prix Story. However, it also is substantially harder to play than those games, with more controls and more things to do and accomplish. Legends of Heropolis is free on the Play Store now, although there are in-app purchases to remove ads or buy coins or other items.

Legends of Heropolis
Legends of Heropolis
Developer: Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
Price: Free+