It was a bummer when Adobe decided to end support for Photoshop Touch on Android a while back, especially because at the time Photoshop Mix was extremely limited by comparison. It has improved over time, and today it's getting a big update that might appease those who miss PS Touch. Now, you can have more layers and do more things with them.

Here's the full changelog for v2.0.

  • Ability to combine more than two layers: Create more complex images now that you can combine up to five layers in a single image.
  • Sophisticated blending: Control layer opacity to seamlessly blend images for realistic or artistic results with new Blend Modes.
  • Unlimited Selective Looks: Apply as many Selective Looks as you want to each image layer to get just the effect you want.

So, now you have a maximum of five layers to play with in Photoshop Mix, up from the old limit of two. The blending of each layer can also be controlled individually. Multiple selective looks (filters, basically) can be applied to each layer as well. There's a new example image in the update that uses all the new features so you can play around with them. You need to have a Creative Cloud account for Photoshop Mix, but no paid subscription is required.