Google rolled out the fifth and final Nougat developer preview yesterday, and it includes a new version of the Google Camera app. It's v4.1, a significant jump over the current Play Store version. There are a fair number of changes to the UI, some new animations, and better control over buttons.

Here's everything we've found so far.

  • New flattened settings layout.
  • New zoom animation when tapping a photo to view it from the view finder.
  • New look for Timer/HDR/Flash toggles.
  • New HDR "processing" animation.
  • Volume key action can now be specified:
    • Shutter (default)
    • Zoom
    • Volume
  • You can now swipe left to right to pull out the menu.
  • Nav buttons dim slightly when you open the app.

The new version:

So, it's nothing Earth-shattering, but there are enough little changes that you'll notice. The toggles are easier to use in this version, but the biggest improvement is the volume key control. Now you can specify if you want it to be a shutter button, zoom, of just keep being volume when the camera is open.

The current official version:

We expect this version of the app to roll out to the Play Store eventually. We do have the APK, but it appears to require Android 7.0 right now.

Google Camera
Google Camera
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