Hey, remember that Google Arts & Culture tool that the company talked about for exactly one day? No? Well now it's back. The hub for all things historically and artistically relevant has been given a fresh coat of paint, so to speak. Both the web portal and the app (which was previously little more than a web wrapper anyway) have been overhauled with a new interface, including a more contextual search bar that allows users to hunt for specific articles or pieces. Check out the difference in the app below:

image (1) image (3) image (4)

Old above, new below

2016-07-19 17.38.34 2016-07-19 17.38.41 2016-07-19 17.38.13

2016-07-19 17.39.30 2016-07-19 17.45.27 2016-07-19 17.38.22

Significantly, some of the exhibits will now work with Google's Cardboard API and compatible viewers. Directions and operating hours for relevant museums via the "Visit" button also encourages some investigation in real life (but please don't catch Pokémon in the natural history museum). Other notable additions include timeline and color-based searches, Wikipedia-style daily articles, and an Art Recognizer that uses image recognition to get contextual information when you visit real museums and galleries.

The Android version of the app is 3.0.9 - it's now in the Play Store, though the description and screenshots haven't been updated yet. It's already up on APK Mirror if you need it on a non-Play Store device. The iOS version of the Arts & Culture app has also been updated.

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