Calendar apps often have the same design approach: a mix of to-do view, day view, month view, and sometimes a 3-day view to give you a bit of a glimpse into the future without masking too many details about the current day. Dials Calendar takes a more unique approach: forget calendars and think about events and organization like they're meant to be approached: round-the-clock time occupations... Clock... and hence dials.

In Dials, your daily events, meetings, and other time-sensitive to-dos are shown on a round 12h or 24h clock evolution. This makes it easy to spot which time slots are empty and which are still free, as well as how long you still have until your next occupation. Event entry and modification are super easy with one-handed dragging around the clock.

There are all the usual calendar app features like color-coded event types, contacts and maps integrations, phone calls, push notifications and reminders, and more to fill the familiar Calendar app expectations. In terms of synchronization, Dials can integrate with Google Calendar or iCloud, but also has its own Dials account which opens more features like in-app chats and shared event notes.

The app is completely free now and still being beta tested on Android. The main downside as I see it is the very iOS-y interface. Upon first glance at the screenshots, I had a feeling that the app was just cloned as is from iOS to Android and sure enough, it looks exactly the same as it does in the App Store. The Play Store description even mentions it being "Apple Watch Glance enabled," which just screams of a lazy copy-paste job. But kudos for photoshopping the right phone type and notification bar: you'd be surprised how many app listings miss that.

Dials Calendar
Dials Calendar
Developer: DayDials
Price: Free