Sony's phones have looked more or less the same from one generation to the next for years, but the company may be looking at a more substantial redesign. A device believed to be the F8331 has been photographed in the wild, and it doesn't look like the Sony phones of the past. It does still have some of the company's hallmark features, though.

The phone sports rounded left and right edges, but the top and bottom are completely flat. The overall shape is vaguely reminiscent of a Nokia Lumia device. The screen is reportedly larger than the 5-inch X series phones, but it's still 1080p. Despite the new shape of the F8331, Sony has kept some of its less than perfect design elements. The NFC chip is still on the front next to the earpiece, and the volume rocker is way at the bottom of the right edge.


On the bottom of the F8331 is a USB type-C port, a first for Sony. Even the new X series phones were still using microUSB. There's a headphone jack on top as well, so at least that's still a thing. The F8331 may very well make an appearance at IFA in September, but don't expect it to come to the US soon... or at all.