I'm using Amazon's $60 BLU R1 HD Prime Exclusive smartphone for a month - my next post on it should go live this week. But using the phone got me wondering: how many Android enthusiasts would be willing to deal with lockscreen ads in exchange for a [steeply] discount smartphone?

Let's put aside the possibility of removing those ads. For the purpose of this poll, imagine the phone you are buying at a discount will have lockscreen ads that are impossible to remove. But equally, imagine that phone comes at a rather substantial discount, say, 15-25% (or more, if it's a particularly cheap phone) off MSRP on day one of its launch. Alternatively, you could choose to buy that phone without any ads, but without the discount.

Would you live with lockscreen ads to save the dough? Or would you and your wallet tough it on principle (or perceived annoyance)? I'm very curious to see how voting goes here, and how the discussion down in the comments shapes up.

Would you live with ads on your lockscreen in exchange for a substantial (15-25%+) discount on your smartphone? (assume they CANNOT be removed)

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