The original Age of Booty was a real-time strategy game released on the Xbox Live Arcade and similar download services. It combined a streamlined, console-focused take on strategy with a cartoony pirate nautical theme - there was many an "avast" and "aaargh" to be heard. Developer Certain Affinity gained some decent acclaim from the title, and so released a mobile free-to-play version of the game called Call of Booty: Tactics. It came out for Android this weekend, which is almost exactly two years after the iOS version. That really shivers me timbers.

At least Android players seem to be getting a little extra content for their long wait. Certain Affinity farmed the Android version out to developer Triangle Studios, which added eight new playable captains, three new ship classes, and new multiplayer and single-player maps. The core gameplay, a turn-based hexagonal affair that's all about using the right nautical units to crush your opponents with positioning and precision strikes, remains unchanged. Moves are carried out with a card-based system to inject a little randomness into the formula, and a crafting system lets players build new ships and weapons.

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Age of Booty's 3D graphics are bright and cheerful, even when dealing out merry death from a sloop equipped with a giant chainsaw. Single-player and multiplayer modes are included, but be aware that the hefty in-app purchases for currency (up to $100) will skew the competitive play towards whoever spends the most money.

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