AT&T is finally catching up on its Marshmallow OTA rollouts to its fleet of Android devices. And today's lucky winner of "Which device will get an OTA?" is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 (T817A).

Mouthful name aside, this may not be the most exciting tablet on the market, but it still deserves to be on the latest and greatest software version possible — even if only for a short time until Nougat is official. And it also deserves to catch up to its Verizon colleague: nobody wants to be left behind more than a month.

Apparently, the software has been rolling out since July 8, but AT&T just decided to update its support page (raise your hand if you see a trend of late updates in everything AT&T does lately). Oh and beside Marshmallow, you should get NumberSync functionality too.

If the OTA notification still hasn't shown up on your tablet, it might be time to go dig into the settings to manually check.