Chromebooks started as just a portal to web apps, but more powerful extensions eventually made them a little more robust. Now, the Play Store is rolling out on Chromebooks to add a ton of new functionality. But... what about Windows apps? A company called CodeWeavers is tantalizingly close to making that happen thanks to the new Android support. So, we're talking about Windows on both Android and Chrome. As you can see from the image above, they are very, very excited about the prospect.

CodeWeavers makes a product called CrossOver, which is based on the open source Wine project. This is available as a licensed product on Mac and Linux systems, allowing users to run Windows applications without virtual machines or dual boot. There is also an Android version in testing. can you see where this is going? The addition of Android app support has allowed CodeWeavers to get the Android build of CrossOver working on a Chromebook to run Windows apps.

It's a rather roundabout process when you think about it—Chrome OS running Android so it can run Windows apps. At any rate, there's a video of an Intel-based Chromebook (looks like the Acer R11) running Steam and the game Limbo. Yes, there's an Android version of Limbo, but still. CodeWeavers says CrossOver has full support for DX9, keyboards, mice, and sound. If you're interested in testing CrossOver for Android, you can contact the developers. One caveat, you need an Intel-based Android device or Chromebook.