In case you missed it, there's a national election approaching here in the US. I know, it's understandable if you mistook the nonstop campaigning for our idea of good TV. It might as well be. But one way or another, years of campaigning are about to come to an end... for a few days before starting back up again.

Despite holding elections every year or so for hundreds of years, the process is still a messy one. Each state has its own requirements and rules for registering to vote. I majored in political science, and I have to search to figure out some of this stuff.

Knowing this, Google is making voter information easier to find. Now when you search for "register to vote" or something of the sort, Google will show a guide with instructions, requirements, and deadlines. Consider this an improvement of its previous efforts.


With the Republican and Democratic national conventions about to begin, Google is also providing summaries of both events along with a lineup of speakers. So if you don't know quite what's going on, search for it like you were already planning to do.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free