These posts are never fun to write, and we've been writing a lot of them lately. Odds are you've heard about the attack in Nice, France that took place several hours ago. I won't recount the specifics, but at times like this all the backbiting among the big US wireless companies stops. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile have all announced free calls and texts to France so those with loved ones in the region can check in. Google is also waving fees for calls to Nice on its various platforms.

Here are the specifics.

  • AT&T will wave or credit the fee for all calls and texts by AT&T customers to France from today until July 17th.
  • T-Mobile is making all calls and texts to the Nice area free through July 17th. That also includes T-Mobile pre and post-paid, as well as MetroPCS, GoSmart Mobile, and WalMart Family Mobile plans. All roaming fees for T-Mobile customers in and around Nice will be waved too.
  • Verizon (wireless and landline) won't charge any fees for calls or texts to France from now through July 16th, but taxes and surcharges may apply.
  • Sprint is waving the charges for all calls and SMS to and from France from now through July 17th. This applies to Sprint accounts as well as Boost and Virgin Mobile. Roaming fees for Sprint customers in France will be waved as well.
  • Google is making calls to France via Project Fi, Hangouts, and Google Voice free for an indeterminate length of time. There's also a new Google Now card for those in the Nice area with updated information.

We will update if we get any more details on these offers. If you choose to comment on this post, please keep it civil.