I'll let you in on a secret. I haven't played Pokémon GO yet. There was a time when I liked watching Pokémon and laughed my ass off each time Meowth came on the screen, but I was a little too old then to play the game let alone get obsessed by it. I was... 17. So I don't get the craze behind GO all that much, but I'm not completely uninterested.

Actually, I decided yesterday to try the game to get a feeling for it, but I thought it better to install it on my secondary device: a Nexus 5X. I'd forgotten that Pokémon Go wasn't compatible with Android N, which I'm running on the 5X. Lucky for me, support came fast enough for me not to have lost interest: version 0.29.2 of the game has started rolling out now and it supports Android's developer preview builds of Nougat.

In better news, that is if you live in Deutschland and are still mourning the loss of your team to France in the Euro 2016 semi-finals, Pokémon GO is now officially available to players in Germany. Check the game's listing in the Play Store, it should be compatible with your devices instead of forbidding you to install it on'em all. Why Germany? Maybe Niantic Labs likes the challenge of an 81M population trying to fry its servers to a grinding dead halt.

If you live somewhere in the Chosen countries of the US, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand, you can grab the official update to 0.29.2 now and/or soon. But if you're impatient or you're, like me, living in a country that hasn't been blessed with support yet, we've got you covered on APK Mirror: here's a direct link to the Pokémon GO 0.29.2 apk. And don't worry about malware with this version of the file: APK Mirror is our sister site, we grab the files directly from the Play Store and upload them there, no funny business involved.

As confirmed by our readers, version 0.29.2 of Pokémon GO also works with Intel x86-based processors too, like several of ASUS' ZenFone devices.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Price: Free+

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