I've spent time with a lot of chargers since I began reviewing them a few months ago. I've seen one port, two port, five port, and even six port chargers. The charger I'm taking a look at today blows them all away, well at least in terms of the number of ports it has. This is one of Aukey's latest USB chargers, and it rocks a crazy 10 charging ports!

Eight of the ten ports are standard 2.4A adaptive ports, the other two, denoted by an orange-colored plug, are QC 3.0 ports, meaning they will give a speedy charge to any Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 compatible devices (a cool guy I know made a list of phones that support QC 3.0, you can check it out here). Devices with Qualcomm QC 2.0 are also supported, granted, at their slightly slower charging speed.

I've tested the charger, and all the ports on the one I was sent work just as expected. Output is consistent with the advertised speeds and it doesn't ever get more than slightly warm, even when charging multiple devices simultaneously. It's well constructed and the plastics used to build it are rigid and durable. USB cables fit securely without feeling loose or wiggly. It's a solid device.

In terms of design, there isn't a ton to say. It's a matte black plastic rectangle with a ton of ports on the top. As I mentioned previously, the color of the port denotes the type of charger it is. Green signifies standard, orange is QC 3.0. Because the ports face upward they are more susceptible to dust and debris falling into them when no cable is connected.

Aukey smartly includes color coded silicone caps that users can place in unused ports to protect them. I think they also look pretty sweet, and my kids love to play with them (which means they will all be lost in about 3 days). The only other included items are the power cord, a cable wrap, and a single MicroUSB cable.


Other features of note include an on/off switch at the top of the charger, a bright green USB charging indicator light (hidden in the AIO logo at the top), and lil' rubber nubs of the bottom to keep this chunk of a charger from sliding all over. Love me some traction nubs!


There you have it. It's a ten port charger. Why would you need a ten port charger? Well for me it's the only charger I own that can charge every gadget my wife, kids, and I own. That means it will likely be my new vacation charger even though it's a bit bulky. I like to charge all my electronics on the same device while traveling so I don't accidentally forget about and lose a charger or gadget in the hotel room. This would also be a great refueling station for a break room or work area at the office.

Regardless of what you need it for you can get it for less than it's normal price of $49.99 today thanks to a discount code Aukey was kind enough to provide. Apply code TENPORT2 at checkout to bring the price down $8 to $41.99. That's like 4 bucks a port — not bad.

Need some MicroUSB cables to go along with it? Use code 5CABLE02 to knock the price of Aukey's five pack of MicroUSB cables down to $15.99: a $4 discount. I haven't tried this specific set of cables but they have a 4.8 star rating with 65 reviews so they look pretty solid. If they are like Aukey's other cables I've tried they will be strong and durable but a little on the stiff side.

Follow the links below to check them out for yourself.