Prime Day. Prime Day. Prime Day. Prime Day. Prime Day. Prime Day. Prime Day. Prime Day. Now that we've got the #PrimeDay SEO out of the way, you can take advantage of the aforementioned Prime Day on Amazon to pick up a Fossil wearable for a pittance. The Q Founder Android Wear smart watch is 30% off, and the other Fossil wearable devices are 50% off. You will, of course, need to be a Prime member.

The Q Founder is still retailing for around $300, which is way too much. All variants of this watch are on sale for 30% off today. That puts the price down to $161.92-192.05, depending on the variant you choose. This smart watch is a little on the large side, but it's well designed and has a fast Intel SoC. You will have to cope with the flat tire screen, though.

2016-07-12 Checkout

The discounts are steeper on Fossil's other smart wearables, but they aren't Android Wear. Amazon is cutting prices in half for Fossil's $200 Pilot and Grant connected watches. They have regular mechanical faces but pair with phones for alerts. Then there are the Dreamer activity trackers for 50% off. They're usually $100, now about $50. Fossil's accessories are also on sale for 50% off.

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