Google has updated the platform distribution numbers for July, which is a little later than usual. Was the wait worth it? Has Marshmallow rocketed to the top of the charts? Well no, but it did have a healthy gain of more than 3%—that's the best yet. Meanwhile, Froyo is still alive. Someone, somewhere is using Android 2.2, and that makes me sad.

Not much has changed this month. The trends that we saw in June are still present, but at a slightly accelerated rate. Marshmallow has seen its biggest gains ever this month with a 3.2% boost in market share. Meanwhile, the slow drop off of Lollipop is beginning to pick up steam. Between the two versions, there are 0.3% fewer Lollipop devices this month than last month.

Android 7.0 Nougat is expected to appear in the next few months, but it won't be on the version tracker right away. It usually takes two or three months for new versions to hit the 0.1% threshold needed for inclusion; a threshold that Froyo is still somehow above.