Want to know how Android Police feels about the LG G5? Well, we hate it. And we love it.

Okay, so we have mixed feelings. At this point you've made up your own mind about the phone. If you're ready to snag one, now might be the time to do so, especially if you also want an LG Watch Urbane. If you buy the former, you can get the latter for free. Plus you get $50 off the price of the phone.

Let's crunch some numbers. You're looking at a $649.99 phone reduced down to $599.99. Then you get a free watch (silver with a black strap or gold with a brown strap) worth $299.00. Altogether, you're saving $350. That is quite the deal, but only if you want both pieces of hardware.

Alternatively, you can get the G5 bundled with the VR headset for $699.99. That's also a $350 savings. The VR might not be the best out there, but you're nearly getting it for free.

Screenshot from 2016-07-11 16-19-38

There you go, choices. Have at them.