Last year Cyanogen (the company) announced plans to release flashable bundles of its internally-developed, proprietary Android apps for CyanogenMod (the original community ROMs). It's taken a while, but now those apps are available for CyanogenMod 13 (that's the version based on Android 6.0). Users can download the package at, and for the moment they include the custom theme chooser and theme store, Cyanogen's Truecaller-equipped dialer, the new Gallery app, the Cyanogen Account manager, and the AudioFX equalizer.

C-Apps share a lot in common with "Gapps," the flashable collection of Google apps and services that includes the Play Store and has become more or less standard for the ROM community. Aside from the obvious inclusion of only Cyanogen-developed apps and compatibility with only the main family of custom ROMs, C-Apps can also be flashed with any compatible custom recovery. That means TWRP for most of you. C-Apps are also available for devices running CyanogenMod 12.1 (Android 5.1).

The C-Apps ZIP isn't essential to the core Android experience, or at least to what most people consider the core experience, in the same way that Gapps is. But it offers some nice extras for anyone who wants to bridge the gap between the open source, community-developed CyanogenMod and the Cyanogen OS built into more and more low-cost phones.