The Samsung Galaxy S7 is still one of (if not the) best high-end phone you can get from carriers. The problem: it's really expensive too. There are often deals on GSM unlocked versions of the phone, but what are Verizon customers to do? Cry? No, you can just buy this open box GS7 for a mere $429.99.

According to the listing, this device is new and unused, but the packaging has been opened and it won't come with earbuds or a SIM card. Verizon wants $672 for the GS7 still. The phone itself is available in either black or gold, and like all Verizon phones, it's unlocked with a few bands that work on other carriers. It's best on Verizon, of course.

The seller notes that there's still 8 months left on the warranty, but I'm not sure how easily you'd be able to take advantage of it with an eBay'd phone. Shipping is free to the US (no international options) and sales tax is charged only in New York.