July's security updates went live a couple of days ago for all of the currently supported Nexus devices. The Pixel C is still unaccounted for, but it's not that unusual for it to lag a few days behind. There were some late-breaking updates for hardware drivers this month, which may also contribute to some delay on the Pixel C. In the meantime, there are plenty of changes to check out this month.

There are eight separate changelogs this month, but some of these are empty, created for Google's internal use. I've marked the ones that simply change a build number. As usual, Google's security bulletin contains explanations for most of the changes, but there are probably a couple of subtle bug fixes too. These changelogs won't include any information about the changes to hardware drivers that became part of the July 5th, 2016 security update (not to be mistaken with the one dated July 1st).

It goes without saying that these changelogs pick up where June's left off, but r51 and r52 exist with build numbers that don't belong to any other devices. I wouldn't be surprised to see these go toward the Pixel C, but they may serve another device.

If you notice anything awesome, funny, or interesting in the changelogs, don't forget to mention it in the comments.

added July 8, 2016

MMB30Kandroid-6.0.1_r28 –> android-6.0.1_r47 – Nexus 6

MMB30Mandroid-6.0.1_r47 –> android-6.0.1_r48 (empty)

MOB30Oandroid-6.0.1_r46 –> android-6.0.1_r49 – Nexus 6

MOB30Pandroid-6.0.1_r49 –> android-6.0.1_r50 (empty) – Nexus Player, Nexus 9 LTE/Wi-Fi, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 2013 3G/Wi-Fi

MOB30Qandroid-6.0.1_r50 –> android-6.0.1_r51

MOB30Randroid-6.0.1_r51 –> android-6.0.1_r52 (empty)

MTC19Xandroid-6.0.1_r45 –> android-6.0.1_r53 – Nexus 6P

MTC19Zandroid-6.0.1_r53 –> android-6.0.1_r54 – Nexus 5X

added July 12, 2016

MXC89K – android-6.0.1_r33 –> android-6.0.1_r55 – Pixel C