There are plenty of password managers on Android, but if you're in the Roboform camp, you've probably been impatiently sitting twiddling your thumbs and waiting for the opportunity to start using them to authenticate yourself instead of typing your Master Password. Your wait is now over.

Version 4.3.7 of Roboform on Android adds fingerprint support for Android M and Samsung devices (using Samsung's fingerprint SDK) and a couple of other less interesting features. You can grab it from the link below and start putting those fingers of yours to good use.


Ver 4.3.7 changes:
* Added fingerprint authentication for Android M and Samsung SDK
* Added ability to sync with user specified RoboForm server
* Improved navigator list speed
* Stability update
* Require minimal API 16, which means Android 4.1 and higher

RoboForm Password Manager
RoboForm Password Manager