There are plenty of annoying things about carriers in general and Verizon in particular. The craptastic mobile app is one of them, but it's somewhat less terrible today. The revamped My Verizon app announced alongside the new plans yesterday is now available for download.

According to Verizon, this app makes it easier to shop and see what's going on with your plan. The upgrade options (including the abusive, ridiculous Safety Mode) are also front and center. The Data Hub interface helps you see where all your data has gone and add more if you run out. Real time chat with support is also available in the app now.

The app is live for everyone, but you have to be on one of Verizon's current plans (i.e. not grandfathered on something older) to get all the new features. I'm sure people will be anxious to give up their unlimited data for this.

My Verizon
My Verizon
Developer: Verizon - VZ
Price: Free