Some folks prefer to run a custom ROM on their phone than stick with the stock software. I'm one of them. But you need a good custom recovery in order to get the job done. That's why it's good news whenever we see more devices gain support from the TeamWin Recovery Project.

TWRP, to keep things simple, is perhaps the best custom recovery in the business. Now the project has added support for the OnePlus 3 and the Xiaomi Mi 5.

This recovery will be a big help when the time comes to flash CyanogenMod to your OnePlus 3 after OnePlus takes longer than you'd like to push out Android Nougat. It can also help you do something about MIUI on the Mi 5, which is an otherwise great device.

Instructions on how to install TWRP are available on each of the respective device pages on the project's website.