Samsung has been diligent about releasing its security patch bulletin along with Google at the beginning of every month, but this month, it took the lead and published the details before even Google got around to doing so.

The report lists the different Android Security Bulletin patches issued by Google to AOSP, which are quite numerous this month. There are 9 critical patches, 26 high-severity ones, 9 moderate, and no low severity patches. As for Samsung's Vulnerabilities and Exposures, 4 new ones have been patched with this release, but the bulletin keeps two a secret probably as to not compromise any devices that might be unguarded and have not already or will not receive the security update. The two that are revealed concern the Samsung Professional Audio SDK and the IPC socket in devices running KitKat and above.

As with previous months, the security update will probably start rolling soon to "major flagship models." Now if Google would get on with it and release the factory images, OTA updates, and official security bulletin, it'd be nice.