NVIDIA has released an update for its Shield Portable console device today, namely update version 110. The OTA doesn't add anything new, but it resolves some long-standing bugs and gives the device some much-needed security patches. You can see what's changed (rather, been fixed) in the official changelog from NVIDIA's forums, below.

  • Updates SHIELD security to the latest Android Security Bulletins
  • Fixes a bug that causes the LED brightness level to reset after a system restart
  • Resolves instances of the audio volume fluctuating during video playback
  • Fixes a bug that could result in SHIELD becoming unresponsive after lid close and reopen
  • Resolves instances of the ‘Optimizing apps’ message appearing in error
  • The Shield Portable is the oldest Shield device, having been announced over three years ago. The fact that it's getting update attention to this day is laudable - even if it means languishing on Lollipop for eternity. So, good on NVIDIA for keeping their customers in mind, even if that means devoting resources to a device that really isn't making them any money these days. That's cool.

    You can check for the update on your Shield Portable now, and it should download immediately. For more info, head over to the NVIDIA forums.