The LG G4 came out roughly a year ago, and it was a rather nice phone, all things considered. The price started out up in the standard flagship range, but it has come down considerably. Now, you can pick up a new-ish G4 on eBay for $200. That's a solid deal.

This is listed as "New other" condition, which means the phone is unused and comes in a generic box. The charger will be a third-party (probably crappy) unit as well. It's not like you don't have other microUSB cables around, right? Other sellers would probably call this "open box."

The H811 model is the T-Mobile US variant, but it's unlocked. You'll get full LTE support on T-Mobile and compatible MVNOs. It doesn't have all of AT&T's bands, but it'll work. You have your choice of the leather back or gray patterned one. The $199.99 asking price includes free US shipping. Tax is paid only in New York.

Even cheaper

The same listing now has the G4 even cheaper. You can pick this phone up for $179.99 right now. It's not the latest and greatest anymore, but at that price I imagine stock won't last long.