High-speed LTE data is more ubiquitous these days, but it's also more often than not capped. To save your data plan, you might want to hop on WiFi when it's available, but WiFi isn't always free. It'll be free for 6 months if you take Amazon and Boingo up on their offer. Download one free app, and you get six months of WiFi access.

This offer is valid on your phone or tablet with Boingo’s Wi-Finder app installed via the Amazon Underground app store. The app shows you where Boingo-supported networks are and helps you connect to them. These APs are usually the paid networks in places like gas stations, retailers, and various hotels. I found a fair number of supported hotspots in my area, but your mileage may vary.

Boingo's basic plan is $10 per month ($5 for the first month), so you save $55 by downloading this app. This offer is valid now through the end of the year.