It seems like Verizon can't go more than a few months lately without making tweaks to its plans. According to recent leaks, Big Red is preparing to increase data caps across the board (yay), but that also comes with price increases (boo). The rumored changes are expected on July 7th.

Verizon moved to a simpler plan structure (sans subsidies) last year with a series of data buckets sized small through xx-large. The carrier has been playing with the tiers intermittently ever since, and now it's prepping substantial changes. According to Droid-Life, every plan tier is getting more data, but they will all be $5-10 more expensive too. Here are the expected alterations.

  • S: 2GB for $35 (previously 1GB for $30)
  • M: 4GB for $50 (previously 3GB for $45)
  • L: 8GB for $70 (previously 6GB for $60)
  • XL: 16GB for $90 (previously 12GB for $80)
  • XXL: 24GB for $110 (previously 18GB for $100)

People will be happy about the extra data, I'm sure. The added cost, not so much. Verizon will apparently come with a few new features to make up for the price hike somewhat. Verizon may introduce "Carryover Data" so you can keep your unused bytes for later use each month. The "Safety Mode" feature will allow you to opt out of overages and instead be throttled if you go over. Roaming in Canada and Mexico may also be added to the XL and XXL plans at no cost. Everyone else will pay $5 per month for that. DL also reports that Verizon will begin offering "Data Boost," a single extra gigabyte of data that can be purchased at any time for $15.

There will probably be a few more details leaked as employees are briefed on the changes ahead of the July 7th announcement. You can expect a super-enthusiastic blog post from Verizon on that day.