Slowly but surely, the wider Android community is adopting support for Android Auto. Well, maybe support is too strong a word. They definitely don't object to it. And most of them have probably heard about it. They've certainly skimmed over a bit of text mentioning Android Auto in the latest SDK. Maybe. Alright, so Android Auto support isn't quite as robust as it might be, but Synology's NAS music app works with it now! That's nice.

DS Audio is Synology's cloud music app, which streams users' personal collections of digital music from their home Network Attached Storage device to an Android phone or tablet. It's a niche solution for music streaming, to be sure, but those who've invested in Synology hardware seem to love the software that comes along with it. Full support for the Auto low-distraction interface for those cars equipped with the system is a nice extra.

Other changes in this version of the app (3.11.0, according to the Play Store) include a new thumbnail view when browsing music directly by folder, the ability to view either folders or songs in the file browser, and "minor bug fixes." As with all of Synology's software, the app is free, but you'll need one of their branded NAS products in order to use it.

DS audio
DS audio
Developer: Synology Inc.
Price: Free