It's hard to justify an ongoing subscription for content that, for the most part, is already free with advertising. In the hope of convincing a few more people to pony up for the premium tiers of its digital media services, Google is offering a sweet deal to new subscribers: four months of free, no-strings-attached access to both Google Play Music Unlimited and YouTube Red (which are already bundled for paying customers). That's a $40 value at today's subscription price.

There's a bit of a catch, though: this is only for new subscribers, so if you've tried Play Music Unlimited or YouTube Red before and then cancelled, you're ineligible for the promotional period. According to the post on SlickDeals, some users who previously signed up for free Google Play Music promotions can still get in - paying and then stopping an active subscription seems to be the stumbling point. Some commenters say they've been able to get around this restriction by logging out and then clicking the "sign up" button, but I've been unable to replicate it. Also note that since this is a July 4th promotion, it's likely to be limited to the United States.

Any way you slice it, four months of ad-free access to YouTube and Google Play Music is a pretty sweet deal. Make sure to cancel the subscription before the end date (November 2nd, if you sign up today) to avoid a $9.99 recurring charge, assuming you don't want to keep it.

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