Amazon's official audiobook outlet is getting a few tweaks after its latest update. The most notable is Clips, a new feature that allows users to easily create and share bite-sized portion of an audiobook narration from within the app. Here, let me show you a Clip from one of the Harry Dresden novels in my Audible library (feel free to critique my taste in the comments).

The interface for making these Clips is a little basic: basically you can choose any 30-second or shorter portion of the audio track, then share an Amazon link via email or text message. Actually editing the clip is more than a little tricky thanks to a barely-noticeable progress bar and teeny tiny start and end buttons, but you should be able to get the hang of it after a few tries. It's a pity that there's no way to embed those clips on the web, at least not yet.

Other changes include a new layout for Audible Channels, a mix of short-form fiction and podcast-style fiction that's exclusive to the service. Now books that have been marked "finished," either directly by the user or simply by reaching the end of the narrative, will immediately start to sync across all of a user's Android devices (presumably including Amazon-branded hardware). And finally there are some post-download playback issues that have been fixed, though the changelog doesn't go into much detail on that account.