I wish I didn't have to sit here and write these kinds of posts. I wish we weren't living in times where companies are compelled to offer free calls to countries following tragedies like these (instead of celebrations or national holidays or happy events), especially when they're conducted by fellow man and not inevitable fits of nature. But here we are, mourning another terrorist attack that has taken the lives of 36 persons and injured over 140 in Turkey's Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.

As has become custom (what a sad word to say) in such instances, the four major US operators are offering free calls and texts to Turkey to help people get in touch with their loved ones and make sure they are OK. Here is what you should expect from each carrier:

  • T-Mobile is waiving the charges on texts and call from the US to Turkey on its network and various subsidiaries, from June 28 to July 5.
  • Sprint is making calls and texts to and from Turkey free for its users and subsidiaries from June 28 to July 5. This includes roaming charges in Turkey too.
  • Verizon is only offering free calls and texts to Turkey from wireless phones and free calls from landlines on June 28 and 29.
  • AT&T is making calls and text to Turkey, including landlines, free from June 28 to June 30.

Stay safe.

Google has also announced free calls via Hangouts, Hangouts Dialer, and Google Voice to Turkey, but didn't specify an expiration date. It's also putting emergency info cards in Google Now and Google Search.

Image credit: CNN