The greatest challenge in racing is clearly going as fast as possible in a straight line. Turning is for chumps. That's the only explanation for the ridiculous popularity of the original CSR Racing. Now, the sequel is out after a geo-limited beta test. CSR Racing 2 is free-to-play, but you get to drive pretty cars very fast in a straight line. What else do you want?

Joking aside, CSR Racing 2 is much like the original. It's a drag racing sim, so all you have to worry about is building the fastest car possible. You start each race by getting your RPMs in the green zone, then shift at the right time for maximum acceleration. This simplified racing formula has proven very popular with players in the past, and CSR Racing 2 ups the ante with extremely impressive visuals. Even if you're skeptical of the whole drag racing thing, you have to admit the cars look great.

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There are over 50 licensed cars from manufacturers like Ford, BMW, McLaren, and Ferrari. The nicer ones will require an input of both time and money to obtain. Since this is a free-to-play game, you need to pay attention to your fuel levels too. You'll run out after a few races, then you can either pay to fill up or wait a little bit. You may not like it, but the reviews are overwhelmingly positive so far.