After this morning's surprise announcement of Android Nougat (comment on the original post to express your displeasure at the name, por favor), HTC wasted no time in using it for a little social media marketing. About an hour later the company posted the tweet below on its official international account, promising an upgrade for the current HTC 10 flagship, last year's One M9, and the sleeker One A9.

Notably absent from the post is any sort of date - in fact there's a tiny-type disclaimer on the image that says timing will come after Google releases Nougat AOSP code to manufacturers. That text also says that "additional devices" will be announced at that point, though it's hard to miss the very pointed exclusion of the HTC One M8 from that short list. HTC doesn't have an obligation to update its 2014 flagship, in that it's already over two years old, but putting the extra effort in now surely would have pleased some of the company's hardcore fans.

Expect similar promises (for what they're worth) from the other major manufacturers as we get closer to a public release for Android Nougat. Expect the usual depressing delays and tiny slivers of market share for the new OS version shortly thereafter.

Update: turns out HTC made an almost identical promise earlier this year, back before Android N had a name. That's doubling down on the commitment, HTC - we're going to hold you to it.