After dabbling in Android tablets for years, Dell is finally throwing in the towel on Google's mobile OS. The company won't be making any more Android tablets, and it's ending update support for the Venue tablets that already exist. That's a bummer for anyone holding out hope that the Venue 8 would make it to Android 6.0.

Dell says this decision was made because the tablet market is over-saturated and demand is declining. In that kind of environment, you have to devote more time and energy to making a successful product, and Dell really doesn't do that. It took ages for the Venue 8 to even get a Lollipop update, for example. Instead of Android tablets, Dell will focus on 2-in-1 Windows devices, Chromebooks, and of course laptops.

Anyone who owns a Dell Android tablet will continue getting warranty support, for whatever that's worth. Dell will technically still sell devices that run Android apps, though. Its Chromebooks are on the list to get support for the Play Store in the coming months.