Hey Alexa, what's the cheapest way to get an Amazon Echo? Oh, it's $179.99 on Amazon and you don't know of any other good deals... You're wrong Alexa, but I'll forgive you because it's not on sale on Amazon but Woot — woot!

This is a refurbished Amazon Echo Bluetooth and WiFi speaker that can play music from different streaming services or your own device. But its real knock-out feature is the voice assistant known as Alexa who lives inside it (I've been told she's a tiny bobble-head who just hides inside the speaker's tower) and can answer your weird questions, execute your queries and commands, and let you control more than just a speaker. Plenty of services have implemented Alexa skills in the last year or so, including smart home appliances, ride sharing apps, music services, and more.

The refurbished unit might have some minor cosmetic blemishes and comes in a black box, but it has been inspected and approved by an Amazon technician, so it should be in good working condition. It could be perfect if you're still hesitant about getting into the smart home space or if you already own an Echo and want another one for a different area of your house.

You'll have to pay $135 for the refurbished Echo and $5 for shipping on Woot, but you're still saving about $40 or a little more than 20% on the price of a brand new unit. 19 hours are left on the sale, but it might end sooner if quantities are depleted.