When I go to the cinema, one of the things I hate the most is people using their phones. You've paid good money (I live in the UK so have no idea on the cost in the US, but I'm told $12 is around average) to see this movie, and you can't even be bothered to turn your phone off. Even more annoying is when someone's phone rings in the middle of the movie. Luckily, we've got a giveaway for an app that should go some way to fixing this issue...

Cinemute, from developer NorthShore Digital, mutes your phone when in a movie theater, then restores the original ringer level when you leave. Theaters can be blacklisted so Cinemute never mutes at that location, which could come in handy if you live or work near one, and also has a free version which reminds you to mute your phone but doesn't do it automatically.

Cinemute works using the Geofence API, meaning it uses hardly any battery and collects no data whatsoever. The app normally costs $1, but we've got 100 promotional codes to give away, meaning you get it for nothing.

To win one of 100 free codes for Cinemute, just leave a comment below. We'll select the winners on July 5th. Good luck!

This contest is now over.

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  1. Ben Dixon
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  5. Zaquan Edwin
  6. Ron
  7. Bart Dyer
  8. NeilGeorge
  9. JV Detmer
  10. Luciano
  11. kngbn79
  12. Tim Arnott
  13. Diogo
  14. Darren Cassidy
  15. Suicide_Note
  16. Bob Marley
  17. Corey Watford
  18. Gergely Tóth
  19. Nate Farrell
  20. Andrea
  21. Khatib Hamis
  22. Wildcard
  23. Gaurav Jotwani
  24. Caleb Whitlow
  25. TypoCorrecto
  26. Juan Dematei
  27. thaswagman
  28. FernandoRocker
  29. Ravi Uniyal
  30. Jay Stiles
  31. Zepplin76
  32. Adam Intinarelli
  33. Craig Hartel
  34. Steve McCann
  35. KrisDiss
  36. BOGDAN MIHAI Barbu
  37. José M Gonzalez
  38. Никита Кабаков
  39. Supakarn Laorattanakul
  40. TheCarlosFontes
  41. Drew Kerrigan
  42. Jack Tay
  43. Gustavo Santos
  44. Ac3ofSpades
  45. David
  46. Mike Snyder
  47. Shaheer Abbasi
  48. justin
  49. RockAndRock
  50. timbck2
  51. Olav
  52. Gerardo Quintana
  53. vwbeetlvr
  54. Kostas Galanopoulos
  55. quicksnap3
  56. Michael Moyer
  57. abc
  58. C64
  59. Raunaq Pahwa
  60. kpjimmy
  61. Ben
  62. Bojack Horseman
  63. Bart Koppelmans
  64. Brandon
  65. RobertVanRhee
  66. makeitra1n
  67. mak
  68. Steven Mattera
  69. Marcellus1
  70. Ross MacRae
  71. Emanuele Ricci
  72. Freek Smulders
  73. Mario Matteis
  74. George Burduli
  75. Anthony
  76. Guilherme Q
  77. Veli Pekka Nousiainen
  78. Cristian Teodoridis
  79. Robert Firestone
  80. iThinkFan
  81. Kisakuku
  82. Nick Schiwy
  83. Tatsumak
  84. ckilps
  85. Jarrett Lennon Kaufman
  86. William Aleman
  87. ZacCoffman
  88. zoxxo
  89. Christos Sfiatkos
  90. jim380
  91. DeltaJulietLima
  92. mcmb03
  93. Kristijan Kranjec
  94. javabit
  95. Stephen Sharp
  96. Garry
  97. Samuel
  98. Yudi
  99. Austin Murphy
  100. Fadakar

Cinemute Lite
Cinemute Lite
Developer: NorthShore Digital
Price: Free

Developer: NorthShore Digital
Price: $0.99