Yahoo already had a Sports app on the Play Store, which until yesterday enjoyed the brand's signature purple icon and "Yahoo Sports" name. Now, that app has been clearly retired with a grey icon and a switch back to its old Sportacular name. Instead, there's a brand new Yahoo Sports app on the Play Store with an improved purple icon and an entirely redesigned UI.

Say buh-bye to the old black and blue half-Holo half-Material look and hello to a full on white and dark blue interface with differentiated cards, easy to parse information, and a nice focus on visual aids.

The features of the app remain unchanged though: you can still follow plenty of different sports from baseball to football (the regular one or the American variety), basketball, hockey, golf, racing, and tennis. You can favorite your teams and players, get alerts, see results, enjoy play-by-play analysis, and more.

Yahoo just announced the app's release officially and detailed an improved home screen that focuses on the teams and players you have favorited and an Alerts tab that keeps track of all the notifications you receive through the app so you can easily go back and check something if you missed it.

Yahoo Sports is free in the Play Store so you can catch it at the link below and run it to see if it scores or fails.