Until such time as Uber can replace human drivers with robots (and it really wants to), it has to deal with people doing stupid things on the road. In an effort to make Uber safer for passengers, the company will start reminding its drivers about safety measures in the Uber app. This program will launch in 11 cities over the coming weeks, and more cities will be added soon.

Uber points out in its blog post that getting an Uber is a whole lot safer than getting behind the wheel when you're intoxicated. The company thinks it can make things safer still by reminding Uber drivers of a few things. Example: the app will tell drivers they ought to take a break after they've been working for a long stretch of time. The app will also suggest that drivers always have a phone mount for the car, which is much safer than picking up the device repeatedly to see the screen. The app does this if it detects the phone moving excessively while you're driving. The app will display speed alerts too.


A daily report in the app will help Uber drivers see how good or bad their driving is. It's a general analysis of braking and acceleration based on the phone's sensors, but it can probably give you the gist of how erratic your driving is. The app will make suggestions on how to improve poor driving habits as well. I assume the suggestions will amount to "stop that."