After launching quasi-worldwide and implementing lots of small usability improvements for data usage, Netflix is ready to take another big leap forward. Or NNNNNNot. The service is introducing a small branding change in its app icon and across its various social media presences.

Gone is the white icon with the full Netflix logo, and instead there's a new black background and just the letter N on top of it. The N itself now carries the full curvature on its bottom and has a new ribbon effect that doesn't exist in the regular logo. It might remind you a little bit of Android N's letter design, but the influence, as Brand New's readers suggest, could be in Netflix' stack effect for movies and shows to watch. I think they're right.

This new icon won't replace the full Netflix logo, it's just there for the mobile icons (it's also live on iTunes), Twitter and Facebook and other social media sites. It's already present in the newly released version 4.7.0 of Netflix on Android, which you can download from APK Mirror if it's not showing up for you on the Play Store.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free+