For quite a while now, Google has been waging war against the age-old password. Whether that be with fingerprint readers, face unlock, or the Trust API, it's something many of us take for granted. News magazine reader Flipboard has added Google Smart Lock support to its app, meaning your account's password will be automatically remembered by Google Play Services. Therefore, as long as you use Chrome or Android connected to a Google account, Flipboard will not require a password to log in, instead remembering it from before (hopefully).

In practice, Smart Lock for Flipboard works almost exactly the same as it does for services like Netflix, which has had Smart Lock since last year (I seriously thought it was longer than that). As long as the devices you are logging into Flipboard on are registered with your Google account, your password should be remembered cross-platform when you log in to Flipboard on another device, such as Chrome or another Android phone or tablet.

As a big Flipboard user, I'm very happy to see Smart Lock support added - just another password I don't need to remember. The latest update to Flipboard, version 3.4.7, is available on the Play Store now, or alternatively at our sister site APK Mirror.