Google knows a lot about you - particularly about the "you" on the internet. A new tool launched today called My Activity lets you get some insight on just what that information is - in a readable sense - by showing you your various web, Google product (including Android and Android apps), and search activities in a rather pretty card timeline. The site works on both desktop and mobile.

My Activity (here) shows all this information, but also acts as a link hub for Google's various data-collecting services you can choose to turn on or off, such as location history. My Activity's timeline itself is largely centered around your usage of search, Google products (including Android apps), and the web. The interface supports a default "bundled" view that summarizes information in a way that's easier to visually parse, but you can also just view everything as a huge list of cards, at which point you will likely think "I spend altogether too much time on the internet."


Items in your activity timeline can be deleted, too, if you so choose. The full list of products included in My Activity, which you can variously search and filter for using the built-in search function, are below.

  • Ads
  • Android
  • Books
  • Chrome
  • Developers
  • Express
  • Finance
  • Goggles
  • Help
  • Image Search
  • Maps
  • News
  • Now
  • Play
  • Play Music
  • Search
  • Shopping
  • Video Search
  • Voice & Audio
  • YouTube

So, just think of My Activities as the "stuff I'm doing with Google stuff" history page. Pretty neat. My Activity is rolling out alongside a new Google ad settings site, as well.

You will be asked over the coming weeks to opt in (it is not required) to the new Web & App Activity as part of your Google account activity controls to use My Activity, though you'll be prompted to do so now if you visit the My Activity site. You can learn more about it on the Google Support site here, as well. Data in My Activity may not show for everyone in every country just yet, and it's not clear how widely-available this feature is just yet. Let us know in particular if you're seeing this outside the US.