Evernote has announced several changes to its plan structure today that will most likely upset many long-time users. The cost of Plus and Premium plans will be going up, and the free Basic plan is getting much less useful with active device limits. When there are so many other options for note taking apps, this is going to be a hard sell.

Evernote has three tiers; Basic, Plus, and Premium. The most expensive Premium plan is going from $49.99 per year to $69.99 per year (monthly $5.99 to $7.99). The Plus plan will now be $34.99 per year, up from $24.99 yearly (monthly $3.99 from $2.99). For people who need the advanced features of these plans (eg. email forwarding, offline notebooks, note history), it would be hard to drop down to the Basic level. Evernote is actually making that even harder with sync limits.

Previously, there didn't seem to be any limit to how many devices could log into a free Evernote account—bandwidth was the only limit. Now, the limit is two devices, and not just two mobile devices. That includes your computer too. So if you've got a computer, phone, and tablet, you can't use Evernote on all three. Two computers and a phone? Also no.

Evernote says it's doing this because it doesn't want to make money from ads or selling user data. If this is what it needs to do to remain in business, we'll have to accept that. That doesn't mean people will stick around, though. The changes go into effect immediately for new users, but existing accounts will get "some time to adjust" before the switch.